Kamermuziek in de Hoop: La Serenissima

Diemen, The Netherlands Schuilkerk De Hoop

Sunday @ 3:00 PM

Venue Details

Hartveldseweg 23 Tram 19, Diemerbrug stop Free parking on Sundays, Diemen, The Netherlands

Concert 15:00-16:30

Music by: Joseph Haydn – Rhiannon Randle – Benjamin Britten

The Belinfantes are fascinated by ‘ghost composers’ – those who may not themselves have written
for string quartet, but whose music is imbued in the music of others.

Our guest ‘Ghost Composer’ for this project is the great symphonist Gustav Mahler.

We thread together a programme inspired by Mahler’s music and philosophy on the world. His great love of Nature, his exploration of his local cultural routes in Bohemian folk music, his love of people and wanting to protect the world.

We centre around Benjamin Britten’s Third Quartet, which looks at the importance of place, life and death, reaching transcendence for his opera Death in Venice incorporating the music of Mahler. Britten deeply felt connected to Mahler and his music – he was one of the sole protagonists to get Mahler’s music heard and popularised in the UK and the USA in the 1930s – believe it or not, Mahler was not a famous or popular composer until the 1960s. While Mahler wrote very little chamber music, his philosophy to incorporate it into his Symphonies inspired so many composers after him.

Through Mahler’s own output we see music influenced by Austro-Bohemian folk music – while
Mahler concentrated on growing the Symphony, the father of the string quartet and symphonist
Joseph Haydn also loved using Austrian folk music in his works. And so two composers who never
met are linked by a love of traditional music, passed on through local people.

We team up with British composer Rhiannon Randle, who spent a Summer in Benjamin Britten’s The Red House, researching his music for her Masters. Her love of Britten and incorporating folk music into her own works, and her connection to local environmental causes in Guilford has led to an exciting collaboration. To explore the string quartet form through Mahler’s philosophy on and love of Nature; Britten’s own deep connection to places (both Suffolk and Venice in his Third Quartet) and how traditional music can be both preserved and shared incorporated into compositions. – Rhiannon will be looking at her connection to music and ‘home’ in her quartet ‘Baile’. We’d like to thank the Vaughan Williams Foundation for their support with this new commission.