Olivia Scheepers, violin

This Oscar Wilde fan met Pau Marquès (see below) during an orchestral project which is the root of how this quartet came about in 2016. Olivia’s playful and mischievous side gives her the ability to switch naturally between humour and drama which makes her playing really captivating. 

An avid reader, she has read the complete works of Oscar Wilde among many other authors. When she isn’t practising violin passages or drinking black tea, she can be found in the boxing ring.

Fiona Robertson, violin

Fiona is originally from Scotland, which according to some is a Mediterranean country with Northern weather. If that is true then Fiona is the perfect ambassador. She loves artisane beer and Italian food in equal parts, she speaks Italian as fluently as she spreads butter on toast. 

Fiona possesses an inspiringly natural talent for musiking that she combines exemplary with her supportive and intelligent role as a second violinist. She can also name all 254 flags of the world.

Henrietta Hill, viola

Henrietta comes from the idyllic English town Bakewell, situated in the Peak District. Unsurprisingly, she is a lover of the great outdoors and spends her free time horseback riding.

Henrietta is the beating heart of the quartet and her sincere love of chamber music shines through in her expressive playing. She is also a legendary improviser, constantly inspiring the rest of us to try new and daring things.

Pau Marquès i Oleo, cello

Pau combines his sincere Mediterranean island personality with a great ambition; he is an artist of life, creating beauty with a passion, whether it is baking bread or traditional music. When he isn’t perfecting Popper etudes, he makes arrangements of traditional Menorcan music for us to play.

Pau loves all things beautiful, stories, and languages.