Death Of Venice

Paris Goethe-Institut, Paris


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17 avenue d'Iéna, Paris, 75116 +33 1 44439230

Let four Venetian Gondoliers journey you to beloved Venice, who is at risk of death from climate change’s rising sea levels. Travel through Venice’s Golden age of music, parties and poetry, to today’s world – and a message about her future.

‘Death Of Venice’ is shaped around Benjamin Britten’s Third String Quartet, which journeys to find transcendence and hope in its final movement; ‘La Serenissima’ (Venice). Everyone has a place or landscape that they cherish, and can help protect. Here Venice becomes both place and character – historically anthropomorphised. In this production we draw emotional ties to her and her fate. Venice is predicted to ‘sink’ by 2100 – how far should we go to save her? Is her death inevitable, and what does that mean for us as individuals in our role for caring for the planet now?