Trust Me: Wonderfeel Festival

‘s-Graveland, The Netherlands Wonderfeel Festival

Saturday @ 12:00 PM

Venue Details

Landgoed Schaep en Burgh Noordereinde 60, ‘s-Graveland, 1243 JC, The Netherlands

Wonderfeel Festival 20th July 2024 12:00 – 12:45, Bosplek

Trust Me is a collaboration with the Belinfante Quartet, Karkski Quartet, VISIO and SQBA exploring new works for voices and string quartets over a two year period.


Music is communication. But where listeners sometimes like to close their eyes, we intuitively expect the musicians to be able to see each other. Does it have to be like that? Not for Matijs de Roo, who demonstrates this in his work Trust for string quartet and a group of blind and visually impaired singers. With creative cues for the singers, he brings together the whole in a sensitive and effective way. Together they searched for what is shared and what is different: feeling and inspiring each other, exploring each other’s musical worlds and setting boundaries.

Belinfante Quartet 
Olivia Scheepers – violin
Fiona Robertson – violin
Henrietta Hill – viola
Pau Marquès – cello

Karski Quartet 
Kaja Nowak – violin
Natalia Kotarba – violin
Diede Verpoest – viola
Julia Kotarba – cello

Singers in collaboration with Visio

Production by the String Quartet Biennale and Visio in co-production with Festival Classique and Wonderfeel.